About Inclusive Leadership

“Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions.” (Earth Charter)

Take a moment to imagine an inclusive and welcoming day in your neighbourhood, school, workplace, park, wild area or anywhere else in your community. Everything is the same as it has always been except for one thing. Instead of reacting to differences as problems to be solved or avoided, everyone is accepting differences in other people and in nature as gifts to value and treasure. What changes do you see in how people are interacting with each other and with the environment?

Linda and many other Inclusive Leaders share this vision of Inclusive Leadership. By embracing social diversity and biodiversity, people of all ages and backgrounds can play leadership roles in building safe, respectful, sustainable, and joyful neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces and entire communities.  Click here for more information about the Inclusive Leadership Co-operative.

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IMG_6436“Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to email me or phone me for more information about any aspect of Inclusive Leadership.” (Linda Hill)

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